Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Tropics

Well were told that they keep the buildings pretty warm, well we were not prepared for July on the beach.It is so hot inside places.We have no short sleeve shirts so we have to open and shut the window in the room. Today is very cold so we pretty much have stuck around the hotel,we did venture out to the local SFC yup that is Southern Fried Chicken, who would have thought in the middle of Russia. Well Bob had a burger ( I know who goes for chicken and gets a burger) I stuck with chicken,its a good thing the burger had cucumbers on it?
Yesterday we had the experiance of going to the Bank to pay taxes, something you have to do to get a passport for Juliana,Im not sure how this works but it was only 200 Rubles which equals $4.00.But at the bank we found out people pay their electric bill,parking,speeding tickets and can buy lottery tickets it was a very busy place.The Russian people I think thought Bob and I were nuts,they do not smile at all , while if you know Bob & I you know we laugh & smile a lot I think they think we are some type of loone.

The money here is another weird thing is like monopoly money, for instence a 100 Rubles is about $4.00, 1000 Rubles is like $ 40. & they have coins for anything under a 10 its hard to get used to it.Bob has gotten much better at it then myself.