Saturday, December 16, 2006

Italian Food In Russia

Last night Bob and I ventured out with 4 other American couples for dinner. We were able to go to a local Italian restaurant Casa Mia. We were so happy to be having a somewhat American meal.
Our hotel includes a breakfast bar so each morning we have been having breakfast here at the hotel. They have some different ideas about what to eat for breakfast. They usually have an omelet type of thing but it is way fluffier then what we get at home and not much taste. Bob has started to look forward to the mornings with meatballs on the breakfast bar, a little weird for me I like breakfast food. I would love some fruit right now,they do have a fruit salad on the bar but it is not so fresh looking. You are not to drink the water here so we have been pretty careful about what we are eating and drinking.
We have been able to find most things we want or need at the local market,the only thing we cant find is Hot Chocolate & Peanut Butter,although we knew they didn't have peanut butter here we hoped for hot chocolate.

Having met so many other couple also in the process of adoption we realize how lucky we have been, many have been in the process for over a year many for almost 2 years, we started our process in May of this year. We feel incredibly blessed at our good fortune for this.
We hope all is well with each of you,