Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year!

Ok So its a new year and I'm going to be much better at this blog! We are now in a rental house while we wait for our insurance company to let us know when we will be able to start building again.What a long process.
The kids are all doing pretty good they have all gotten use to the rental and the fire seems to be in the past for the most part for them.
Ulia has been diagnosed with FAE( Fetal Alcohol Effects) so this does give us a little better understanding of her. She is doing pretty well.The boys are all busy as usual.Alex has started back up lacrosse so we will once again have a busy spring with practice and games.Zack stays busy in Cub scouts and is actively working on rebuilding his post card collection since he lost his in the fire.If you would like to send him a card just email me and I will send you are address.