Monday, December 18, 2006

Survivor Russia

Our days here are really starting to feel like a reality show. It is really hard to explain how different this country is from our own. It is snowing again this am,Bob and Roma have gone out to get some paperwork done for Juliana's visa, I decided to stay here and try to get rid of this cold. We have watched the same shows over and over on Russian TV I actually feel like I know what they are saying,they have more music tv here then I have ever seen or heard.
Ok for a funny story, We had some laundry done by our floor houskeeper,I think she lives here because I have not seen her leave the floor.Anyway we get it back and it appears to be fine, Bob wears a shirt, takes it off and notices that there are holes in it, the same thing has happened to 2 pairs of jeans it is very weird.
Tomorrow we will be going out to see Juliana,it must be very confusing to her as why we come and go and are not allowed to take her out of the orphanage yet,1 week left till the breakout!


Christine (R23) said...

One more week! You are going to be so happy to get back to America, I bet! =)

Anonymous said...

I bet the housekeeper is taking pieces of your clothes as souvenirs of the most crazy Americans she's ever met... maybe she'll sell it on ebay? Then you can buy it back and sew the jeans back together... hope the holes weren't in the wrong places :)
I miss talking to you during my drive time - don't start speaking Russian to all of us when you come home! That will really confuse us!
Hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Whooo hooo!!! I'm getting more excited as the time gets closer, and closer to getting Juliana, and going over to Moscow. Wow...


Anonymous said...