Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Please,Please take me away!

I need to go away! I LOVE my kids but I really need a mommy break, Is Tuscany to much to ask for? I have always wanted to go.
I need to go away!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Flash Back

This Time 4 years ago I was in Russia meeting Ulia, I went to Russia by myself, it was a wild trip Flights delayed,flights missed,me going crazy on a poor United agent at the gate, and finally Perm Russia almost a day late.A declined referral,which made me cry for hours, wondering if I would leave home with out meeting our daughter.

Retail Therapy Time

When all else fails Shop! Time to add to the collection :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cleaning freenzy

Well, I have made the most of the weekend while the kids were gone and cleaned house!
I'm still feeling bad for doing something that I thought I was doing with good intentions but turns out not to have been such a great move.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lazy Day

Looks like its going to be a lazy weekend,the kids are going to Bob's for the weekend. What should I do? I hate the quietness when they go. Guess I better find something to do.

Maybe I will watch Grease

Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's the little things like a Phone call that make me Smile all day long!
So I'm a nerd I know

Girls Night Out

Tonight Is our first "Girls Night Out" To benefit the Lowcountry Rockin'the Pink Breast Cancer Walk. There willbe lots of vendors,so come out and start your Christmas shopping!
All proceeds from my Tastefully Simple Web site now through October will, go directly to the Walk So check it out. www.tastefullysimple.com/web/kpairman

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If you have never been to Charleston SC its a must see!, I love this Video, it shows Charleston,Plus when I first moved to Hilton Head, we used to see Hootie In The Blowfish when they used to play at the Old Post Office.Remember to hear it you have to pause the music on the blog

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reading For Cash

Homework time at my house is a nightmare.Zack is pretty good about getting his done and I just have to check it and he will do his 30 min of reading right before he goes to bed.Ben and Ulia on the other hand it's like pulling teeth to get it done,I think part of the issue is there ADD meds are wearing off by the time they get home and focusing becomes an issue.They can't sit dowm together and do it as it's way to much of a distraction for Ulia.So she and I usually do hers then Ben and I do his.Ben hates to read,which drives me nuts because I love to read. So it came to me last night what is Bens favorite thing in the world?....to Have money! the boy can save money like no other.So last night I told him if he reads each of his book each night(usually 3, 5-10 page books) without any issues or playing around I would give him a quarter for each one,but if he fussed or played around I would get a quarter back for each time he acts up. So is it wrong to bribe him to read?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back From the Eye Dr

Ulia and I went up to Charleston this am to see her eye Doctor.We finally got a good report,the surgery she had in July seemed to have helped to give her some depth perception..woohoo! Bad new was that the right eye is still drifting out which causes her to turn her head to look at somethings.We got a new prescription and are going to give it another few months before we decide what to do next.
Now,its time to see if I can talk Ulia into laying down with me for a nap,so much stuff going on in my mind that I have not been sleeping well at night.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday

Almost a done with our first week of school! Ben asked this am if this was the last day,thinking he meant of the week I said yup...Wrong answer Ben wanted to know how many weeks he was off this time.I explained it was just 2 days,well that didn't go over well,might be along school year with Ben. Ulia is loving her new school and comes home everyday with a new tale.Zack,well Zack is in 4th grade and all I get for answers from him is grunts and groans,but he seems to like his new teacher and the kids in his class.

Today I was thinking about the things that make me happy.
1) My Kids,they crack me up everyday and I could not imagine a day without them.
2) Random acts of Kindness,giving to others,making others happy
3) Clean sheets... My whole house can be a mess but clean sheets make me happy!
4) Being in the company of someone who thinks you are awesome,you might not be but as long as they thing so its all that matters.
So what makes you happy?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More random summer

Random Summer pictures

Trying to get all four kids in a picture anymore is just not easy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Row, Row,Row your Boat

Sometimes it just feels like you row and row and get nowhere!Any of my friends will tell you I am very rarely down, but the last few weeks have just been crappy,I'm feeling like nothing good is working out for the kids and I right now,and I hate to feel this way because I never ever let things get me down.


I love this song! it makes me smile when I hear it and hope for the best.You will have to pause the songs on the left side of the blog to hear it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My best Friend of the last 10 years has moved back to Cincinnati,I'm pretty bummed about this as she was my go to gal, we did everything together, and she knows everything about myself and my kids..lol and still was the BFF.
I have lots of friends and acquaintance's, but no one that I consider my best friend,looking back I don't even think Bob and I were Best Friends.I pray that if Im lucky enough to one day find someone that I want to spend my life with we can be BFF's, I thought I was working on that with someone, but somethings I guess are not meant to be or what they seem.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First day Blue's

Well the first day of school didn't go according plan, I should know better. I have always taken the kids to school and let them ride the bus home,this year the plan is to still take the boys but Ulia will ride the bus,since her school is a bit of a distance from us and logistically,just best thing to do. But this am since it was her first day and I was sure she would be upset I drove her.So off to drop Ben and Zack we go, then a quick stop thru Starbucks...thinking hey if I drove her every morning I could stop every morning! anyway off we go, walk in and all is well Ulia does great, no issues other then she tells her new teacher her name is Ulie and not Ulia and not to call her Ulia! OK hey whatever.Well as I'm talking to her new teacher I get a call from the boys school, Ben is on the line bawling his eyes out,doesn't want to stay and could I please come get him right now!well I talk to the teacher she calms him down all is well. Ben has been at this school for 3 years..lol and LOVES the teacher that he has this year,he tells me when he gets home he just missed me how sweet is he!
The boys came home on the bus which was running a little late and Ulia was to ride the bus home too,well time goes by no Ulia, call the school, buses left late ,first day issues etc.. well poor Ulia didn't get home until 5:30 tonight she is the last stop.The bus driver assured me it was just because of first day issues,gosh I hope so poor girl was exhausted when she got off the bus.
I on the other hand was left to wonder all day why do the days drag when the kids are home,yet when they are at school the day flies by?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

Well looks like summer is over for us. The kids and I have spent most of the summer out in TX helping my mom get thru her Chemo treatments.For those who didn't know my mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer in January.This month she has finished her Chemo and will start radiation,she has been a trooper,after seeing what the Chemo did to her I don't know how she kept up her spirits.
Lets see...in other news, Alex graduated! but has no idea what he wants to do so he will be sticking around here a bit longer.We have been back in our house one year at the end of August.Bob and I are officially divorced,the kids have adjusted well I think.
School Starts Tomorrow! Zack is going into 4th grade,Ben and Ulia into 2nd.I'm a little sad this year as Ulia will be attending a different school then the boys.This was an incredibly hard decision to make,but I'm hoping the right one.The new school is supposed to be better equipped at dealing with her needs.
As for me,I'm dealing..lol that's about all I can say.