Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just hanging around

Well, Bob and I have been spending our days walking around the city of Perm. It really is a nice city.The sun has not come out so far but it has not been cold. We have met many US couples that are in the same boat as us just waiting out the 10 day period.
One of the hard things to get used to is it does not get light until about 10 am and gets dark about 4 . We are catching up on our sleep that is for sure.
While we were in Berizniki last week Bob was able to visit a fire station, he can't wait to get back and share the pictures and things he has learned with all at the station. Here Fireman get no respect at all and they were in awe that he even wanted to come by and meet and be shown around. Even with the language barrier, they all seemed to enjoy each other.