Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday

Almost a done with our first week of school! Ben asked this am if this was the last day,thinking he meant of the week I said yup...Wrong answer Ben wanted to know how many weeks he was off this time.I explained it was just 2 days,well that didn't go over well,might be along school year with Ben. Ulia is loving her new school and comes home everyday with a new tale.Zack,well Zack is in 4th grade and all I get for answers from him is grunts and groans,but he seems to like his new teacher and the kids in his class.

Today I was thinking about the things that make me happy.
1) My Kids,they crack me up everyday and I could not imagine a day without them.
2) Random acts of Kindness,giving to others,making others happy
3) Clean sheets... My whole house can be a mess but clean sheets make me happy!
4) Being in the company of someone who thinks you are awesome,you might not be but as long as they thing so its all that matters.
So what makes you happy?

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