Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

Well looks like summer is over for us. The kids and I have spent most of the summer out in TX helping my mom get thru her Chemo treatments.For those who didn't know my mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer in January.This month she has finished her Chemo and will start radiation,she has been a trooper,after seeing what the Chemo did to her I don't know how she kept up her spirits.
Lets other news, Alex graduated! but has no idea what he wants to do so he will be sticking around here a bit longer.We have been back in our house one year at the end of August.Bob and I are officially divorced,the kids have adjusted well I think.
School Starts Tomorrow! Zack is going into 4th grade,Ben and Ulia into 2nd.I'm a little sad this year as Ulia will be attending a different school then the boys.This was an incredibly hard decision to make,but I'm hoping the right one.The new school is supposed to be better equipped at dealing with her needs.
As for me,I'm that's about all I can say.

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