Monday, August 16, 2010

First day Blue's

Well the first day of school didn't go according plan, I should know better. I have always taken the kids to school and let them ride the bus home,this year the plan is to still take the boys but Ulia will ride the bus,since her school is a bit of a distance from us and logistically,just best thing to do. But this am since it was her first day and I was sure she would be upset I drove her.So off to drop Ben and Zack we go, then a quick stop thru Starbucks...thinking hey if I drove her every morning I could stop every morning! anyway off we go, walk in and all is well Ulia does great, no issues other then she tells her new teacher her name is Ulie and not Ulia and not to call her Ulia! OK hey whatever.Well as I'm talking to her new teacher I get a call from the boys school, Ben is on the line bawling his eyes out,doesn't want to stay and could I please come get him right now!well I talk to the teacher she calms him down all is well. Ben has been at this school for 3 and LOVES the teacher that he has this year,he tells me when he gets home he just missed me how sweet is he!
The boys came home on the bus which was running a little late and Ulia was to ride the bus home too,well time goes by no Ulia, call the school, buses left late ,first day issues etc.. well poor Ulia didn't get home until 5:30 tonight she is the last stop.The bus driver assured me it was just because of first day issues,gosh I hope so poor girl was exhausted when she got off the bus.
I on the other hand was left to wonder all day why do the days drag when the kids are home,yet when they are at school the day flies by?

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