Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not so good

Well, all the test results came back for Ulia. Unfortunately we had hoped for some better info but didn't get it.Her IQ is in the Mentally Retarded Range, and they also think she might be on the Autistic spectrum(PPDNOS) so she is going to have more testing for that. We have been busy working on her IEP at school and working to get her more help then she all ready is getting in hopes to help her as much as possible.
She continues to be a challange at home but luckly has better behaviors at school so far.


Lisa said...

Kelly, sorry the results were not what you hoped for. Hopefully now you will have what you need to get Ulia the services she will need to reach her maximum potential. Prayers up for you guys. Hugs, Lisa

Michele Strotman said...

As a parent with a child diagnosed with Pdd-NOS, I can only offer my encouragement. It's a rough road ahead of you, but PATIENCE helps tremendously.

If you ever need someone to talk with about it, I know first hand. My son is 11 and has run through the gamut of issues with school, medications, behavioral modifications, etc.


Emily said...

This post is several months old, but I just "discovered" your blog today and had to comment. I have worked with kids on the Autism spectrum (including severe to mild cases) for over 10 years, and almost ALWAYS their IQ tests are inaccurate.
Please keep in mind that the format they used to test her, wasn't compatible with her ability to answer questions and /or respond to them. There is a very good chance that your daughters true IQ is much higher than reported by a school test. PDD-NOS is a handful, but it's also a diagnosis that shows marked improvement with therapy and direct intervention. Don't worry about the numbers and focus on the daily changes and improvements you see in your child. (which you do already, I know, simply a reminder)

Anonymous said...