Thursday, September 04, 2008

No School

Well after having no school on Monday or Tuesday,we now have another day off thanks to Hurricane Hanna.It is not supposed to directly effect us but they fear we will have some strong winds later in the day when the buses would be bringing kids home so they canceled.
Now we have to hope and pray that Hurricane Ike and all his friends stay away from us too.I really don't want to have to evacuate,I have had to 3 times since living here(25 years) and it is not fun,or something I want to do with 4 kids and 2 dogs,unfortunately Bob would have to stay and be one of the last people to leave so he would not even be with us.
The kids have also informed me that we would have to also take our 5 hermit crabs and 3 fish! that would be fun.

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AdoptaMama said...

Hoping you escape the worst of Hannah and Ike and won't have to evacuate. I can't even imagine.

We're getting some of the effects of Hannah here, but just rain. The projected forecast was way worse than it really was. I hope that's the same for you guys, too.