Monday, June 30, 2008

Alex is home from Camp

Alex made it back from CO this AM,he had a great time with maybe a little to much down time?

"Beef" is what all Alex's school friends and Lacrosse friends call him!


AdoptaMama said...

Kelly, that is TOO FUNNY! You'll have to check out my beef post from today. Next time he may come back with "MEEF," which would be kind of strange, but funny as heck to me! ;) Glad to see he had fun!

Oh, and I didn't forget about your special 'Pay It Forward' gift from WI. I just haven't gotten a chance to get together and send it out. Maybe next week. I'll need your snail mail address first, though. :)



PS - We used Commonwealth Adoptions and also the now defunct Sunshine Adoption, Inc. which was our local agency, a satellite of Commonwealth.

Christine said...

Wow! How brave!

Anonymous said...