Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adopting from Perm

I'm happy to hear that there are more families adopting from Perm.I am so attached to Perm even thou we "lived"there only 1 month.It brings great joy to me to hear more kids are getting homes!

If you are visiting this blog and adopting from Perm please leave a comment!I love to hear about the adoptions from there.


Carrie said...

My husband, 2 children and I have lived in Perm for the past 5 years. It is wonderful to read about Ulia and your adoption story.

Chris said...

We adopted two wonderful twin girls form Perm in December, 2007. We also share fond memories of our time in Perm.

I recognize the view from your picture. It is taken from the Hotel Ural, toward the river.

Our blog is at

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

We adopted our son from Perm in December 2008.

Anonymous said...