Tuesday, November 02, 2010

30 Days of Thanks

the kids and I are participating in the 30 days of thanks
1.Having grown up with 2 loving caring parents
2.Having been given the children that I have
3.My true friends,just wish I didnt have to go thru the worst to find out who they are
4.My step dad...calling him a step dad is not fair as he is my other dad
5.my kids laughter
6.Quiet Weekends
7.being able to hang out with friends
8. mondays = back to school after a week break
9. Having a wonderful 18 year old son..Alex is all I could ask for in a son and more!
10.For being allowed to adopt Ulia,
11. New friends
14. my pets
15. my house
16.My moms Health and making it throu her Chemo and radiation
17.My brothers
18. Being able to live were it is 77 degrees in Nov
20.Having my health
21.my cellphone
22.my life
23.the delivery guy

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