Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A ah ha moment

This morning I had to go to the boys school to help out a bit,it was a great time I love going and helping in the classroom and seeing the boys in another setting besides home. The best thing about today was all the kids,teachers,lunch ladies and everyone else I ran into who asked how Ulia was doing at her new school and talked about how much they missed her! Ulia came to the school as a 4year old that spoke no english but always had a smile on here face and a hello for everyone.In the years that she was at the school she became everyones friend,I think almost every student would say hi to her,she knew every teachers name,every worker in the school knew Ulia and loved her for her crazy,silly personality. I left the school feeling really happy about my little girl who has a few challanges ahead of her for years to come, but realizing how far she has come and knowing she is really starting to show me she is capable of learning and doing things other kids do.

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