Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Not much help

Ulia had her testing today up at MUSC,unfortunately we didn't find out much more then we all ready know. They did some testing and again said she is Developmentally delayed this was not something new to us.We thought today's testing was more with the Behavioral Therapist to get more ideas if we are dealing with some FAS issues or what not but I guess that will be another appointment.What we did find out /confirm is that she is still very behind in her skills but we all still feel she will still catch up some in the next few years.I'm not sure really what the behavioral therapist will be able to tell us I think we are just trying to find some sort of RX to as to how to deal with her issues,if that makes sense.


AdoptaMama said...

That's got to be so frustrating. 'Developmentally delayed' is such a broad term that can obviously cover pretty much any type delay. Was your testing done with IA specialists? I hope you find the help you need for Ulia. It's tough when kids are just put under that umbrella and you, as a parent, NEED to know exactly how to help her. You don't necessarily want a 'label' but if it's going to help her out with school and life in general, it's certainly better to have one than not to. Hope you get more info soon.

Anonymous said...