Sunday, July 20, 2008

Check up at MUSC IA Dr

Ulia had an appointment last week to go over some things we have been working on/ dealing with.We are going to do some basic IQ testing in the next few weeks. We(Dr's included) are concerned with the fact that she really just doesn't seem to "get" some stuff,they think she has some impulse control issues which could play an issue in it also so we are going to dig a little deeper with some testing.

If anyone has any insight they would like to offer we are all ears!

ON another note we spent the last few days up in Myrtle Beach at the firefighter combat challenge.Ulia had a blast on the little race cars and all the rides,I think that stuff just feeds her sensory processing needs!
Here a few pictures of the trip Bobs is in the red helmet getting ready to compete,he does the over 40 challenge


Lisa said...

I had the "just doesn't get it" experience with two of my former foster kids. I really was about to decide that there were some MR issues, but something finally just flipped that switch and they were suddenly little sponges, learning everything overnight it seemed like.

They came to me so delayed at 5y/o... couldn't count past 5, didn't recognize a single letter,didn't know colors, didn't even know their whole names.

Hope you get good news at Ulia's evaluation.

6blessings said...

Kelly,you had asked about the testing done on our boys. We finally got them into a child psychologist. She did a large number of tests on them. It tested many areas. Some were language based, others were not. After all of the testing (it took each boy about 5 hours to go through it all, normally about 4 hours she said), she then scored them and wrote up a report. She ranked them by age and by grade. She was able to make suggestions for some of their weak areas. Overall, just having a diagnosis has helped us to understand how we need to work and deal with them. Please feel free to ask any specific questions.

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