Sunday, May 18, 2008

2 Years ago

Its hard to believe that 2 years ago this month we started the process of adopting.It pretty much went from a conversation one night

Me : I think we should adopt a little girl
DH : fine as long as I don't have to do any of the paper work and just have to show up in the country where our daughter comes from.
Its funny we had no idea what adoption was all about or where to even start .I called a bunch of agencies and was pretty much open to any country as long as it was a girl 18 months -3 years old. I had no idea about re-accreditation or any of the stresses I pretty much just thought it was sign some papers and there you go. I ended up getting a call back from a person from the agency we ended up choosing who was very helpful(why we decided on them) she was pretty much like ok how fast can you get us your stuff? we think we are going to have a referral for a little girl in June/July(not sure how they knew this) we got our HS and all of our paperwork done in record time it was all done and in the agencies hands by June 6th I think it was. A few weeks went by and we did get a referral (late June early July) got ready to leave and referral fell thru I still have the little girls picture on my computer .Anyway our agency found us another referral and I traveled at the end of Aug,I went by myself due to the other 3 kids and babysitting issues. I ended having to turn down that little girl in country,which was so hard without Bob there with me. The next morning Roma called the MOA and had another referral that I got to spend about 1/2 with before I had to leave for home! I said yes and here we are 2 years from the start.Our whole adoption process was 7 months start to finish!


AdoptaMama said...

Wow -- I didn't realize it only took you 7 months! What a great story. Hope things are going well.

I LOVE the picture of Ulia with her hand by her face. It's adorable!

By the way, thanks for de-lurking on my blog! I'm not sure what I'll be sending you, but I'll think of something. ;)


Christine said...

Time flies! 7 months is an awesome timeline!

Anonymous said...