Sunday, January 27, 2008

Still moving forward

Things are going pretty good with Ulia right now, she has started to settle down some and realize that she is in a family and is here to stay. I think she worries about that sometimes as she will ask if she is going to live here forever.
I met a couple online that is in Perm right now and also using Roma in Perm, its so cool to have that connection as not to many famlies adopt from Perm it seems, as it is one of the harder regions to adopt from. I know they will love Roma! and have a great first trip.

Ulia & Daddy


AdoptaMama said...

Glad to see things are going well! Sometimes it takes kids a while to realize that this is forever. Great job, Mama!

Another Perm family? Don't see too much of that these days. I LOVED the region and have heard nothing but the healthiest kids coming out of there. Ours included! Does this family have a blog? Could you send me the link? I am always interested in adding more Perm people to my list.


Christine said...

Ulia is a cutie. Love the glasses!

Anonymous said...