Friday, December 28, 2007

1st Christmas

Ulia's first Christmas with us was great! She had the best time opening gifts with the boys and playing all day long.Her best gift was a bike from Santa,we cant get her off of it now.


Danigirl said...

Thanks for your message on our blog. It fascinates me that you also adopted from Perm. Ulia is so cute. Congrats on your first Christmas together. What memories we both will have for the rest of our lives. About the Giardia, the doctor asked if they were throwing up or had blood in their stool, I told her no and that's when she told me they don't have Giardia. She said the distension in Alexa's belly and all the blowouts are from the different foods. Kinda wish she had taken a test on them to be sure. I am taking the girls back for more shots next week so I may pester the doc to give them a test.

Christine said...

Isn't it amazing how much they enjoy the simple things like riding a bike?

Anonymous said...