Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A whole new world

Its hard to believe we have only been home going on 2 weeks Juliana fits right in as if we had her forever.Things are going pretty well,our biggest issue is going to sleep and waking at night but each night it gets a little better.Alex has started to call her DQ for Drama Queen, as she knows how to throw a fit when she wants to. She is picking up words each day which is amazing to me. She loves to play patty cake and give high fives!
I was thinking today about how well she is really doing,Bob and I where in Russia for almost a month and found it so hard to go some places with out knowing the language and here she is 4 years old and has had her world turned upside down and she is doing pretty good with it.
The first days home she screamed when the dog came near her,now she pets him and runs after him.Ben and Zack are the proud big brothers (Ben does not realize that he is actually 2 months younger) and Alex is I think is loving having a little sister.